9 Simples Rules to Follow While Using Shackles

Lifting shackles are essential lifting equipment that can be used for a variety of tasks including rigging and load fastening. It is necessary to apply the particular shackle design for your specific application region, which comes in a variety of designs, sizes, and fabrications.
The foremost duty of a lifting shackle is to provide durable and strong connections between two joints. They perform the same job as handcuffs, carabineers. It can be operated to allow or prohibit disconnection as needed.
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In this blog we’ll educate you with 9 simple rules that you should follow before using lifting shackles. Before we start with them, let’s take a look at some of the different types of shackles that are available in the market:

·        Bow shackles
·        Dee shackles
·        Green pin shackles
·        Safety pin shackles
·        Screw pin shackles
·        Stainless steel shackles
·        Piling shackles

Rule 1
The first and foremost rule while using a shackle is that it should be properly stored and handled. Make sure that they are in good shape before you put them in operation.
Rule 2
Choose the right shackle and pin combination for the job. As a result, account for the full imposed load.
Rule 3
To meet these requirements, ensure sure the load is acting on the shackle’s midline, and use spacers if required.
Rule 4
The other thing that should be taken notes of is that pins should be properly engaged. The pins of a shackle need to have threads properly engaged on the ear of a shackle. Additionally, the head of a pin should make contact with the body of shackle. The bolt and nut must be properly secured with the cotter pin mounted on bolt nut and cotter shackles.
Rule 5
Next is to make sure that the shackle is big enough if you are using a shackle with synthetic rings.
Rule 6
Another rule that needs to be followed is that shackles should not be treated with high or low temperature. This action can affect thermal treatment and durability of the shackle.
Rule 7
If the shackles will be used in a semi-permanent installation or to suspend a load, use bolt nut cotter anchor style shackles. When the shackles are removed once the lift is finished, screw pin shackles are employed.
Rule 8
The bow of the shackle should be inserted into the working side of a choke while fastening a load.
Rule 9
Make sure to connect bow to bow or bow to pin, when you are point loading shackle to shackle. 

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