A 28 Year Exquisite Journey Of Nuts And Bolts January 15, 2020

Anniversaries mean celebrations but it also means honoring the past years. For businesses to celebrate their anniversaries it means a celebration of hard work, loyalty, and success. And not every business is into a big celebration, some just like to celebrate the things and people involved in the working process of all those years.

This year Golden Metal Trade LLC celebrates a 28-year journey of hard work, efforts, accomplishments, and success. It started off in 1991 as a small Dubai based business specializing in fastener products for all types of industries and expanded over a period of 28 years.

As Golden Metal Trade LLC celebrates 28 years of the ability to become the best fastener supplier in Dubai providing their loyal customers with bolts and nuts of all sorts that can be used for commercial, industrial, manufacturing and oilfield applications.

Golden Metal Trade LLC takes this opportunity to also be a celebration of the work and allegiance of our team members who have put all their hearts in providing services for our prestigious customers. All of the 28 years of success being anchor bolts supplier in UAE is based on the quality of our fasteners products, our customer services, and the competitive pricing.

It is of extreme pride that the Golden Metal Trade LLC is considered the best for its fastener products in Dubai. Each of our locations gives you an exquisite experience of professional sales assistance, technical support, and local product availability.

For a business like Golden Metal Trade LLC, what better way is there to celebrate almost 3 decades of being a reputable fastener supplier in UAE than to continue the legacy and keep on serving their customers with superior quality fastener products in Dubai. To know more about this bolts and nuts supplier in Dubai visit http://goldenmetal.org/common/home

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