Best Screw And Bolts in Dubai

Whether you are building a shelf or have a much larger construction project, an essential part of that project will be what holds it all together. 

A threaded fastener’s straightforward function is to fasten objects and hold the components together. The 2 types of fasteners that have been around for a long time are bolts and screws. Bolts and screws and other fasteners are made of steel due to their strength and low cost, or stainless steel, titanium, brass and a wide range of metals

However, they can be differentiated by their appearance, method of installation and purpose. 

A screw is made to be self-tapping and it can also penetrate materials to make new holes and fit into them. 

Bolts are non-tapered and use a nut to hold them together.


Before you start your work, you must plan. Here we will discuss screws and bolts in Dubai so you know what exactly you will need for your project. 






A screw has three parts; the head, grooves, also known as the thread, and tip. They are distinguishable by their circular/ helical thread. 


They have a secure hold which makes them reliable and they are available in many sizes.  They are self-tapping meaning that it does not require a pre-made hole to fit into but you may want to drill a hole beforehand and all in one go as it can save you time. If you want to take something down, screws can be removed easily and it will not be a troublesome process.


They are best used in materials such as:

  1. Drywall
  2. Plywood
  3. Metal sheet
  4. Press Board


The Different Types of Screws and Their Purposes 


There are many screws that you can use for your project but here are a few types and when to use them.

  1. Sheet Metal Screws: They are fully threaded and have a pointed tip. They are used for metal sheets.
  2. Socket Screws: They have a hexagonal internal drive in the head and do not possess a pointed tip. They are fixed with a Hex Allen wrench. They can be used to securely hold machine parts.
  3. Set Screws: They do not have a head. They can be fixed into a hole so they cannot be seen. They are used to hold an object within another object.
  4. Machine Screws: They have a slightly flat head with either of the 2 types of sockets so they can be screwed into holes. They also have a blunt end and threads. They are utilised to hold metal parts together. 
  5. Thread Cutting Machine screws: They can produce threads in already existing holes in metal and wood which is where it works best. 
  6. Self Drilling: It has sharp threads that tap into a hole when being installed. They are best for quick drilling into wood or metal. 
  7. Wood Screws: They are very commonly used in wood as they have a pointed tip, making them ideal for penetrating the wood. They also have a smooth head with engraved marks to screw it in.
  8. Double-ended Screws: they are headless and pointed on one end and flat on the other, it is best when you want to join two surfaces like wood. 
  9. Drywall Screws: they have a flat tip and rough thread. They are ideal to penetrate the surface of the drywall. 






Bolts in Dubai consist of a head at the top, followed by a chank and a chamfer which is the long part and contains the threads. 

For installation, they are placed into a pre-existing hole and then a nut is screwed onto the bolt to fix it and prevent it from moving or becoming loose. Nuts are available in many shapes, sizes and materials but it depends on the type of bolt you use.  


They have excellent and secure hold and are used in materials like:

  1. Concrete 
  2. Studs 
  3. Beams 


The Different Types of Bolts and Their Purposes 

There are a variety of bolts in Dubai. Here are a few of them and when to use them.

  1. Hex Head bolt: It has a flat, hexagonal head and many threads. With a nut, it can be used in industries to fasten metal to wood or wood to wood
  2. T-Bolts: They have a rectangular-shaped head and a chamfer which makes the bolt in a T shape. Ideal for fastening metal to metal and is used to make machinery. 
  3. Carriage Bolts: They have a flat and smooth rounded head. Used to hold metal and metal or wood with metal.
  4. Hanger Bolts: It has a wood thread on one end and machine thread on the other hence making it ideal to attach items to wood or suspend objects.
  5. Elevator Bolts: they have a very thin, flat and round head. They were originally used in elevators as their heads do not interfere with the operations of the elevator. Now they can be used in all sorts of mechanical systems which move objects up and down.
  6. U-bolts: It is a U-shaped bolt to support pipework and secure tubes and work as a restraint.
  7. Eye Bolts: They have a metal hoop for anchoring down cables and ropes. 
  8. J- bolts: A J-shaped bolt with a hook to attach to rebars and very commonly used in construction projects.
  9. Foundation Bolts: also used in heavy machinery and construction projects, they are very large and have good strength.


Bolts and Screws are very important for projects whether they are large-scale or small DIY projects you make at home. To see our collection of bolts in Dubai, click here.


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