Generally consisting of a flattened, circular – or disc-shaped piece of metal, commonly steel or stainless steel, with a hole in the centre, WASHERS are often used in conjunction with threaded fasteners. Before a threaded fastener like a screw is driven into a surface, a washer may be placed through the end. Actually, this is not the case, washers are driven into the surface, leaving many people to wonder what purpose they serve. In this article, GOLDEN METAL, the best fastener manufacturer in Dubai intends to educate the readers about our highest quality washers in Dubai.


washers in Dubai


Washers are often mistaken for simple cheap metal discs, used to keep fasteners affixed in their position. What many people actually don’t understand is that they are a critical fastener component and have been structured in a particular way to perform unique functions that ensure the safety and endurance of the PRODUCTS being put together. Deciding not to use a washer with your fastener is almost always guaranteed to curtail the longevity and reliability of the joint as well as increase the risk of long-term damage to the product or equipment being fastened.


We have listed some of the prime uses of washers making your work life much easier than expected. Scroll further to know more about them.


  1. Load Distribution

The elementary purpose of most washers is to evenly distribute the load of the threaded fastener with which they are applied. Threaded fasteners stress the material in which they are driven. Driving a screw into wood, for instance, may cause the wood to crack around the surface. Washers reduce the risk of such damage by evenly distributing the fasteners’ load across the surface of the material. Washers are especially important for wood and other relatively soft materials. They are useful to protect against stress-related damage when the threaded fastener is driven into the material.

  1. Spacing

These multi-purpose washers can also be used as spacers. But the question which arises is why would you even need a spacer when driving a threaded fastener into an object. If the threaded fastener is longer than the depth of the object, you won’t be able to drive it all the way into the object – at least not without having some of the fastener stick out the back of the object. For example, driving a 4-inch screw into an object that is 3 inches deep will result in 1 inch of the screws’ tip protruding out of the back of the object. A simple yet effective solution to this is WASHERS! Placing washers through, the threaded fastener before driving it into the object creates padding so that the fastener does not go too deep.


Steel is by far the most commonly used metal for washers. Carbon steel, spring steel and various grades of stainless steel are typically used in the various applications. Different types of washers and their application has been scribed below to give you a clearer vision of what the choicest washers in Dubai can do.


  • Flat washers:- Majorly contributes in general manufacturing, maintenance and repair purposes. Flat washers are also commonly known as plain washers. The actual purpose is to divide the fasteners’ load while reducing heat and friction during the tightening procedure. They can be used as spacers, as is very common in industrial and domestic applications.


  • Spring washers:- Spring washers are popular amongst aerospace and automotive industries. These offer axial load to the fastener in case of vibrations or thermal expansion, to limit movement. Spring washers are metallic and often preferred to similar springs that cost and weigh more, while taking up more space. They’re the best choice for applications that require a degree of flexibility. A sum of all of these reasons are why the aerospace industry often uses spring washers in actuators on aeroplanes, including the flight control and landing gear.


  • Lock washers:- These are majorly used in automotive, aerospace and domestic appliances. For fasteners that have a tendency to rotate or lose friction due to vibration or torque. There are many variations, but they all do this by holding the nut and bolt in place.


At GOLDEN METAL, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver quality products to our customers. While we specialise in bolts, screws, fixing, clips, pins, nuts, we also like to think that we specialize in unique needs which require custom parts. If there is anything we can do to make a product more specific to your needs, we will happily do so.


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