Introduction to Carriage Bolts

Historical Background:
Today we’ll discuss carriage bolts, a useful hardware product that has been around with us for centuries. These little pieces first got their fame when they were widely used in carriages and their wheels. Today they are vastly used by homeowners and are a great deal for DIY projects.

This bolt comes with a mushroom head and is usually dome-shaped. Carriage bolts are widely used to join together two pieces of wood or sometimes even metal. Its shape is created in such a way that allows it to self-lock when placed correctly through a square hole. This quality makes it a quite useful accessory.

Before we dig deeper into its uses, let’s take a look at types of carriage bolts.

Fin Neck:
This type of carriage bolt is specifically made from low carbon steel and is mostly used in thin plywood.

Flat Head, Square Neck:
These go-to carriage bolts are perfectly made for the garage door industry.

Round Head, Short Neck:
These round-headed carriage bolts are made from low or medium carbon steel and are perfect for usage in sheet metal.

Round Head, Ribbed Neck:
A ribbed neck carriage bolt that is made with low carbon steel is used in materials like metal and plastics.

The reason why carriage bolts are used widely in many industries is due to their multiple qualities and ease of use. With a smooth shaped head and safe to use this carriage bolt is used in wooden-related equipment such as fencing, furniture, and backyard stuff. Additionally, these carriage bolts also provide security as they can only be unbolted from one side.

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