Caster Wheels

What is a caster to be precise’?
Caster is known as a single, double, or compound wheel that is fabricated to be connected to the bottom of a vehicle that makes an object to be moved. These caster wheels are available in numerous sizes and are originally made from different materials including rubber, nylon, plastic, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Heavy duty caster wheels can handle loads of pounds. Multiple levels of caster are created to uphold a slightest amount of weight while being able to smoothly spin it on its wheels. These casters are usually utilized in fabricating plants, warehouses, and on other huge objects that demands mobility.
These casters are essential for the successful operation of many kinds of material handling equipment, and have many additional uses in manufacturing and industrial settings.

Golden Metal Trading introduces a wide range of caster wheels that are not only reliable but extremely supreme in quality. Wheels at the front of a vehicle can swivel in every possible direction, which makes it far easier to maneuver the vehicle when getting out and about because when it comes to wheels, it’s also important that selection is based on functionality and the environment it will be used in. Some applications and tasks require a wheel that resists corrosion, temperatures and chemicals.

You might not know but using a supreme quality caster wheels have numerous advantage that’ll astonish you:

Caster wheels is designed so that the wheel in the caster can rotate 360 degrees.
Perfect for moving heavy loads in storehouses and other material controlling duties.
Easy moving and level setting machines.
The best choice for outdoors over rough surfaces like gravel and grass.

Long-term consistent operations including resisting casters can support strain injuries. Incorrect specifications can also contribute to the reduced service life of casters. Our Well-designed casters are configured with clear examination for the operating environment and the function to be executed so that any harmful effects on the operator are reduced.

Golden Metal Trading deals in the following types of caster wheels:
Caster wheels for sliding doors.
Scaffolding wheels.
Furniture wheels.
Sliding gate wheels etc.

Perhaps you won’t know that among all vehicle adjustments, the caster is usually the least known but at the same time you can consider it as one of the lifesaving objects of proper alignment. Vehicles of all categories would significantly be unstable.
Golden Metal Trading deals in thousands of different fastener products from leading manufacturers of the world. If you want to know more about our products, feel free to contact us on +971 4 228 7365 or take a tour of our website at

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