What Are Split Pins

A split pin, also known as a cotter pin, is basically a wedge that is passed through a hole to stiffen certain components. It is typically made up of thickset wire with a semi-circular cross-section. There are distinct designs and sizes including straight pins, spring pins, and hammerlock pins in which cotter or split pins are available. The term split pins throw light on the factor of locking the bicycle pedal crank with the bottom bracket axle.


split pins

These pins are mostly used for stopping the axial motion along the shaft because they are either tapered or wedged and are driven into the holes. This is pretty much because the bicycle becomes immovable when tampered with with split pins. The term tapered literally means that the pins become compressed as they enter the hole and the compression induces friction which prevents the pins from loosening. 


Working of cotter pins.

The cotter pins work on the basis of a locking mechanism. It can be widely used for different applications. It is extremely feasible and is also very easily understood by a layman. It is as simple as it can get, you just need a drilled bolt, pliers, and a castle nut. That’s all!. 

As mentioned earlier, cotter pins prevent the bolt, in which they are inserted, from loosening. But of course, there is one limitation in doing this, with a drilled hole in the center of the bolt, there is no way you can insert the split and make use of it. Although there are certain bolts that are made with respect to the split pins, if you are not able to find them, you can always drill a hole on the exact midpoint of the bolt. Now you just need to insert the split-ins in the bolt and start twisting the two prong-like ends away from each other. By doing this the split pin is less likely to lose its grip and make its way out of the bolt.


split pins

There are a lot of different types of cotter pins but today we will discuss all the details about split cotter pins. A split pin is a simple fastener made out of soft, malleable, and ductile metal used to tighten the parts in place. It customarily consists of a flat, round, or half-round pin bent double with a loop at the closed end. After the part is inserted, then simply the spit pin comes into play and makes sure that the inserted part does not move even to and fro. The best part about these split pins is that they are reusable, meaning if you want the inserted part back, all you need to do is straighten the split pins and there you have it!. 


Golden metal provides you with split pins which are very easy on the pocket and are widely in demand because of their low speed and low-stress parts. They may be found in multitudinous applications ranging from brake disc locks on heavy vehicles to paper puppet and plush toy joints.

As mentioned earlier that they are available in a range of sizes and designs, they are also available in different end profiles including Bavel ends, miter ends and extended prong pins, all of which are designated to specific uses.

The sheer simplicity makes them a beauty. Once the part to be fixed is in its place, the pin is pushed through the adjacent hole until the end loop stops it from going any further. Then one of the two legs or even both of them is bent to avoid the bolt coming out or the interpolated part falling off. 


One of the widely known uses of split pins is the locking mechanism for the castellated nuts ordinarily used in automobile hubs. The lightweight of the split-ins is the cherry on the top as they provide an appropriate torque on the wheel bearings.

The vehicle axle has a hole drilled through it and once the nut is clenched to the suitable torque, the split pins are embedded through the hole between the tabs on the nut. Then again the standard step, the ends are bent backward to prevent it from falling off the shaft.


Materials used in the manufacturing of these split pins are aluminum, brass, bronze, and mild steel, all of which are soft and moldable. This also means that they will be broken down after two or three uses. But considering the economical cost, it is quite understandable. 


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