Teflon sheet also known as PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a high molecular weight fluoropolymer. It is basically a fluorocarbon that consists solely of fluorine and carbon. Due to the strong force of attraction between the fluorine and carbon, the Teflon sheet is inert in nature which is of great benefit when making containers and pipings where reactive chemicals may come into contact with the pipings. Teflon sheets can also be molded into valves and fittings. They also have high thermal and electrical insulation preventing haphazard.

Teflon sheets can be used in making several hardware tools. For example, bolts, nuts, clips, pins, washers, etc. All these products are possibly made because of their anti-chemical, anti-wear properties, extremely high temperature -low-temperature capability, and high melting point which is ideal in industrial applications.


Bolts are basically fasteners that secure materials together. Extensive testing and studies have shown that the future of coated fasteners lies with fluoropolymers. Earlier different metals were used for the coating but in modern industries, those metal coatings could not stand up to the highly corrosive atmosphere. It can bear up to 500F and has almost no friction which makes it even better in use in machinery. The tensile strength of 4,000psi results in having a wide range of different kinds of bolts. 


A washer is a thin disk-shaped plate that has a hole located in the center which is usually used in distributing the load on the threaded fasteners. Teflon sheet washers can be used in preventing galvanic corrosion, especially by coating the steel screws from aluminum surfaces. Washers can be categorically differentiated into 3 broad types:

  • Plain washer: which is used in spreading the load, preventing any damage to the surface being fixed, and providing as much electrical or thermal insulation as possible.
  • Spring washer: which has axial flexibility and prevents any excessive fastening or loosening due to vibrations
  • Locking washers: similar to spring washers, it prevents fastening or loosening by preventing the rotation of the device which is to be fastened.


Pins are long cylindrical shaped which keeps the parts of the machinery in proper position and fastens them according to the need. The pin is basically directed towards the tapered hole and is rotated in a circular motion in order to bind the nut to the fastening device. As mentioned earlier, the Teflon sheet coating prevents the wearing of both the materials used. There are several types of pins/clips with different uses:

  • Split pins: they are oftentimes used to affix other fasteners. More commonly it is used when a castellated nut has to be secured.
  • R-type safety pins: routinely used in securing the ends of circular shafts. They are similar to split pins except for the fact that they are effortless and can be re-utilized


The advantage of using Teflon sheet is its versatility in manufacturing and engineering not just for tubes or handlers for storing chemicals perfectly but also in coating the bearings which in a result increases the lifetime of both the bearing and the machinery that it is part of. The coating, because of its lubricating (almost no friction) property ensures the prevention of damage to the material which saves money and more importantly the time which can be utilized in various different tasks. Due to the high melting point, it is highly inflammable and offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures and flames. Since PTFE is non-stick, there is also no need to worry about the cleaning part as well because first won’t adhere to the parts. 

Finally, Teflon coating can enhance the efficiency of machinery by keeping it safe from all the dangers. Since these coatings can be applied to a vast range of products, and phenomenal qualities such as friction-free, chemical resistance, and efficiency enhancement, the companies’ profitability will boost to a sizable margin.

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